Your Trusted Partner in Parking

InterPark is Australia’s “One Stop Car Park Shop” and industry leader in offering a full range of consulting services as well as parking management services. We offer both consulting and management services; unlike others in the industry who offer one or the other.

We have found that our clients benefit greatly from being provided with the full range of services.

i) Consulting – Our highly experienced team provides advice and assistance on the full range of matters including car park design and layout, traffic engineering, equipment selection and signage packages.

ii) Management – We manage car parks through partnership style agreements that ensure that car park owners and customers receive the highest quality service.

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“InterPark’s rapid growth clearly demonstrates that car park owners and customers alike are finding there is a better way for car parks to be managed and InterPark provides that better way”.

InterPark now provides parking in Sydney, Melbourne and regional centres in N.S.W, Victoria and Queensland.