The Gordon Car Park

2 Newcombe Street, Paddington

Parking Rates

Casual Rates (Mon-Fri)

0 - 0.5 hours


0.5 - 1 hour


1 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4+ hours


Early Bird (enter between 6am and 10am, Exit after 3pm)


Monday to Saturday Evening (Enter after 6pm, Exit before Midnight)




Lost ticket


Pre-booking unavailable at this car park


Car Park Entry next to IGA Romeos

Car Park Closed on 21st of December for Casual Parkers

Close to:

  • Allianz Stadium
  • Paddington Markets
  • Paddington Uniting Church
  • IGA
  • Oxford Street Retail

Height Restriction: 2.2m

Permanent Parking: N/A

Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos at Pay Station. Credit card only at Exit.

Bicycles & Motorcycle Parking:  Yes.  Free parking.

Disabled Parking:  Yes

Pre-booking unavailable at this car park



Operating Hours


Car park is closed to public on Saturdays until 6pm due to markets.  No entry to car park.

Sunday 6am – Midnight
Monday 6am – Midnight
Tuesday 6am – Midnight
Wednesday 6am – Midnight
Thursday 6am – Midnight
Friday 6am – Midnight
Saturday 6pm – Midnight


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