Ticketless Parking is the Future

Posted August 31, 2017

If you have recently visited West Ryde Marketplace (a car park InterPark manages) and have parked your car there, you would have noticed the carpark is ticketless.



What is ticketless parking?

Ticketless Parking basically means you no longer collect a ticket when entering a car park as your registration is recognised in our car parking system.

The car parking system simply takes a picture of your vehicle’s registration when you enter the car park, and when you go to the Automatic Payment Machine, which are near the Centre’s entrance before heading back to your vehicle to exit the car park, you enter your car’s registration and it calculates the time you spent and charges you according to the time you spent at the car park.  If you park within the 2 hour free period, you don’t get charged.

When leaving the car park at the boom-gate, the camera recognises if you have paid, and automatically opens.

So that means, no more scrambling your bag, wallet or pockets to find your ticket. No more fee for a lost ticket. We take a picture of your vehicle’s licence plate when you enter and exit the carpark.


For information on parking rates, operating hours or payment methods at West Ryde Marketplace, click here