Car Park Management:

When it comes to delivering the most effective and efficient parking facilities, InterPark sets the industry standard. InterPark understands that no two car parks are alike and tailor solutions to match each site. We have developed a unique system and operating strategy that is designed to maximise each site’s revenue and asset potential.

Our objective is to promote the effective running of each parking facility, maximising the potential of your car park and thereby increasing the overall value of your asset by boosting your revenue and raising the satisfaction level of every customer.

InterPark offers a range of parking solutions depending on the needs of our clients, the specific car park and the end customers. Our parking management services include:

  • Car park management and operations
  • Car park equipment and automation
  • Parking Staff  and Valet Parking
  • Special events
  • Installation and maintenance of access control equipment and effective signage
  • Accurate, diligent and transparent reporting systems