InterPark has developed a web based integrated system known as InterParkVision which offers the following innovative services:

Web based Financial Management

As part of our policy of total transparency in our agreements with Owners we offer a service which provides: on-line reporting of daily sales figures and monthly statements. Our proprietary web based reporting system provides Owners with a powerful tool to track and assess their parking sales figures and financial statements with a few clicks of a mouse.

Through this system Owners can access InterParkVision via our website using a password and enter a secure section of the website to view daily sales figures and/ or monthly reports detailing the profit and loss statement for each managed location. Owners have the ability to view all monthly revenue and expense line items, view a breakdown of daily trading through volume and revenue analysis and view the detail supporting each type of revenue and expense recorded on the financial report. For expense items the Owner can view the actual scanned image of the third party supplier’s invoice which form part of the monthly report.

Online Booking System and Revenue Collection

InterParkVision has an online booking and revenue collection system which combined with our car park management infrastructure provides the Owner with a fully integrated car park management transaction solution.

Our unique innovative web based transaction platform provides parking customers with user friendly payment options.

Remote Monitoring

InterParkVision has a remote monitoring system that allows for intelligent operation of a parking facility from InterParkVision’s command centre. In this environment, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) can communicate, diagnose and resolve customer problems remotely. This capability allows InterParkVision the ability to operate car parks with limited labour while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Our unique system uses sophisticated web based cameras with video security tracking technology which not only monitors equipment but also tracks cars and people therefore providing improved security. We monitor and control the car park facility via real time, live audio and video streaming, ensuring the provision of truly integrated solutions across the parking, security and access control sectors.