Beyond the Boomgate

Selecting parking equipment can be a cause of great anguish to car park owners. There are so many options available, so many prices, so many suppliers, so many new technologies, innovations, claims, counterclaims and always dollars, dollars, dollars! What to do? Read the specs with glazed eyes? Despair? Leave it to your accountant? Your property…


Forty Car Parks

InterPark this month is celebrating the opening of its fortieth car park. These car parks vary from small shopping and medical centre car parks, to major commercial buildings and large stand alone car parks.

10th Birthday

InterPark is very excited to announce we will be celebrating our 10th Birthday on 1st September 15. Yes, its 10 years since we opened our first car park at St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne. It is clear that both clients and customers appreciate the quality service we provide them.


Environmental Sustainability

InterPark – a responsible corporate citizen doing its bit for the good Earth – has introduced various sustainability processes at its car parks – energy efficient lighting, waste recycling and water use economics. Go Green – it’s good for your kids!