Since it opened its first car park in September 2005, InterPark has established a reputation for bringing a new level of service and professionalism to the parking industry by establishing partnerships with owners.

The company was launched with the aim of providing car park owners with a new, superior business model with open transparent agreements, which provide a genuine alignment of interest between owner and operator thereby allowing the owner’s returns to be maximized. InterPark’s success in achieving this aim is clear from the fact that its list of clients already includes major companies and institutions such as; St Vincent’s Health, Investa, Goodman Group, University of Technology Sydney, Toshiba, Sanofi Aventis and Fuji Xerox.

Adding to InterPark’s success has been the consulting services provided by our highly experienced management team who provide the right advice in any car parking situation from first concept plans, traffic engineering, through to operating plans, equipment selection, safety audits etc.

InterPark’s new approach to maximising owners’ returns is best summarised in the following points:

  • Agreements based on a genuine alignment of interest and superior service to ensure a genuine partnership is achieved.
  • Modern management practices centered on agreements with owners based on transparency and trust, without hidden fees and charges.
  • A highly experienced management team to ensure each car park receives the quality management required.
  • Highly motivated and experienced staff at all levels of our operations.
  • Excellence in customer service to the parking public.

InterPark is proud to spread the word about Redkite so more children and young people with cancer and their families can receive essential support.

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